Young Digital Taskforce

“It is a cruel irony that the most tech-savvy generation of digital consumers are being left behind when it comes to jobs in the growing digital economy. This is talent we can ill-afford to waste. The Young Digital Taskforce will focus on influencing all parties to take a new approach to careers information for young people across the UK. The views of young people are crucial to finding a solution to the technology and digital skills gap.”  Maggie Philbin

JWA_0740-3158720086-OThe Young Digital TaskForce has been created to inform the thinking of the UK Digital Skills report which will be produced in July. This is an independent report which will be made available to all political parties to help shape their policies for the next election. The Young Digital Task Force will continue work after the report to help more young people, their parents and teachers better understand opportunities in contemporary industry.

Bringing a fresh perspective on careers, the YDT will share ideas on the best ways to communicate the skills needed for a fast changing workplace to both young people and their parents.

They’ve surveyed students in their schools and colleges to find out how their peers think about people who work in technology. Here’s some early results:

The Young Digital Task Force have also started interviewing people who work in tech to find out about the personal qualities as well as the technical skills needed by every kind of company from start up to global business.



Can we join in? 

google pic 4Yes!

The 18 members of the steering group for the Young Digital Taskforce have been drawn from across the UK . Your school, college or  University can apply to appoint two Digital Leaders to join the YDT.



Responsibilities of Young Digital Task Force members


  • Advise on best ways to gather information to reflect current student thinking on digital skills/careers.
  • Advise on more effective strategies for promoting the opportunities in the digital industries to young people.
  • Offer feedback and help pilot activities suggested by young people.
  • Co-ordinate activities within their own school/college to support the research work of the Digital Skills Taskforce.
  • Suggest ways Digital Leaders across UK could curate qualitative and quantitative data from peers for the report.
  • Work with UK Digital Skills Taskforce to produce a version of the report for young people in 2015.
  • Help to create and curate an online depository of careers information, which could be used within assemblies, to enrich curriculum classes such as Design and Technology or the new Computing GCSE.
  • Help encourage Digital Leaders across UK to interview people working at local digital companies to help explain the breadth of opportunities in the digital industry.

The  Young Digital Taskforce steering group come from: 

Park House School, Newbury

Ravensbourne London

Reading UTC

Hull College

Loughborough Grammar

Notre Dame School, Greenock, Scotland

Oldham College

Y Pant School, Wales

Mulberry School, London